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Koinorobi graphic by Jon Prokopowitz - Caravan Skateboards News

Koinorobi graphic by Jon Prokopowitz

November 27th, 2014 - 5:25 PM

We are pleased to present the newest Caravan graphic, Koinobori, a collaboration with Jon Prokopowitz!

The Koinobori, or carp streamer, symbolizes family. The carp is chosen because it's considered to be the most spirited fish, displaying agility & determination to reach high goals. As skateboarders, we also strive for these traits. Pushing ourselves every day like a carp swimming up stream.

Jon Prokopowitz is killin it! Skate & zen master, total control over board & brush. Check out more of Jon's works at his website, & watch him shred in this edit!

Boards will be available through shops listed on our stockists page, as well as through our webstore. Cheers!


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