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Can't Skate Here Premier

January 28th, 2012 - 3:20 PM

Great times were had by all at the Can't Skate Here premier at Villany this past weekend. A ton of people showed up to support their local skate scene and shop, as one can see from the photo. Prior to the video, there was a photography show. To see some more photos from the event, check out this link. A special thanks to Anders Nordlow, who put together the video. Another special thanks to Terrence at Villany for hosting the event. You guys help move the scene forward!

It is our pleasure to announce that Villany is now stocking boards!! More info on the stockists page.

The rest of the weekend was spent cruising around L.A. The L.A high banks are much steeper in person than they look on video. Don't be fooled by the skill of the rider! All these photo's were up on our instagram page first. Follow us @caravanskateboards to see photos live from the scene! Cheers!


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