Caravan Skateboard Company

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About the Caravan Skateboards Team

About Caravan Skateboards

Bout it. Bout it.

Founder of Caravan Skateboards, Adam Faciolla, tearing it up.

Caravan Skateboard Company is dedicated to strengthening each skate community by connecting local artists to skateboarders and integrating sustainability into the skateboard industry.

Art, like skateboarding, is highly influenced by its location and surroundings. For Caravan, the board is a unique medium by which skaters and artists can interact with their community and environment. Caravan works with local artists to design graphics for the skate communities in their region.

Our commitment to skaters begins with quality products. Caravan offers skateboards from 100% Great Lakes maple, manufactured in North America.

If you are an artist or skater who wants to get involved contact us

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